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Recitals are held in

December & May


  • Show off for family and friends  

  • Experience significant growth preparing for performances

  • Peer encouragement

  • Motivation to keep working hard

Audrey 2 (2)
Stella 2
5 (4)

Recitals are an important part of a child's music education. Attendance is mandatory except in special circumstances. Adult students are excused from participating, however.


The December recital showcases mainly holiday music along with a few festival preview pieces. Students love preparing for this recital and they can choose from dozens of Christmas songs. 

Our spring recital is usually the first Sunday in May. This is our year-end program and recognizes students' achievements for the year. I award trophies, pins, certificates, and ribbons for various accomplishments. Students are allowed to play one of their festival pieces and one other selection. We usually have a recital theme and students look forward to choosing from many songs.

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